PRO-VE 2023

24th IFIP / Socolnet Working Conference on Virtual Enterprises

Valencia, Spain

27-29 Sep 2023

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Resilient and Responsible Collaborative Networks

Trends in Industry 5.0 and Society 5.0 place the emphasis on human-centric systems and the need to address societal challenges in a responsible way. Instead of purely technocentric or even business-centric approaches that have characterized most past developments, we need a balanced approach between “automation” and human/society involvement contributing to well-being.

On the other hand, we live in an era with more and more disruptive events, including natural and human-caused ones, which demands systems with a high degree of resilience. As frequent disruptive events become the “new normal”, we need advanced forms of transformative resilience and even antifragility. In other words, how to design and manage collaborative ecosystems that can strive and become better throughout a sequence of attacks/disruptions.

Expected contribution types:

All publications should clearly highlight their orientation on collaborative networks or systems

A. Application-oriented papers (10-12 pages), including:

B. Regular scientific papers (12 pages), including:

C. Foundational Research papers (16 pages) including:

D. Poster, including:

D. Special session papers (similar to category A).

This category is specially addressing early stages of research, e.g. early stages of a PhD work, providing an opportunity to collect feedback on the research question and approach. A special discussion session is planned to discuss the posters. Materials of these presentations will be distributed on USB flash drive during the conference.

submission of abstracts and papers

The submission of abstracts and papers is done via EasyChair and shoud follow these guidelines:

Evaluation of papers is based on the full text, considering the original scientific and technological contribution. Each paper will be evaluated by three members of the International Program Committee through a double-blinded process. However, prospective authors should submit a short abstract to the conference in advance, in order to check if the proposed topic fits within the conference scope.

Important: Submissions to PRO-VE shall be made under the assumption that if the paper is accepted, then at least one author needs to be registered for the paper (one registration per paper) and the paper will be presented at the conference. Following Springer requirements, all papers will be checked regarding plagiarism and self-plagiarism tools.